Game Girl’s Game of the Week: PlayMotion

I hate to brag, but well, Ok – I have to say it – I just LOVE PlayMotion!!! 


There I said it and judging from the responses we’ve had since we debuted PlayMotion at MPI’s Meet Different Conference in Atlanta this past February, so do many of you!


It’s not that you can’t turn a plain wall into an interactive magical playground – you can with PlayMotion. 

It’s not that your imagination can’t become a  reality – it actually does with PlayMotion. 

It’s not that it’s limited to kids or adults – EVERYONE who uses PlayMotion, loves PlayMotion! 


So my pick for Game of the Week goes to PlayMotion – come in and check it out for yourself, I will leave the light oGigin for ya!





Just didn’t have the right Idea ….

Transform Your Event Space with 

next generation crowd-based interactivity!




The PlayMotion! 


playmo_spectrum1_mThis system includes EVERYTHING you need to transform your space into a dynamic playground welcoming to adults and children alike. Participation is guaranteed.  Includes Fast Eddy Billiards, ShufflePuck, Muscle Beach Volleyball and more YOU CAN PLEASE EVERYONE… (Click on the picture to see a demo!)