Amusement Masters
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Amusement Masters

U Can Sanitize Sanitizing Stations

In the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, businesses are creatively adapting their operations and finding new ways to improve the customer experience. One way they are adapting is by incorporating safety measures in the front of their businesses. 

Whether it’s for employees or customers our sanitizing units both come with a 21” LED screen with an attached android operating system. You can download any android app or write your own. You can create a slideshow, employee check-in, COVID message…the options are endless. We are excited to introduce you to these new LED Touchless Hand sanitizers we are now offering.

LED Touchless Dispenser Available in 2 Options

Sanitizing Units and Sanitizing Plus: Provide your guests with contact-free hand sanitizing via the automatic, motion-activated hand sanitizer dispenser. Both stations come with a 21” LED screen with an attached android operating system. You can download any android app or write your own. Make it your own with a custom slideshow, employee check-in, COVID message…the options are endless. Sanitizing Plus units include a touchscreen, heat sensor for temperatures and camera/4G data.

The dispenser’s colored LED underlights provide guests with gentle guidance and instant feedback, and an integrated drip tray keeps the floor clean and dry. The large, 3-L capacity hand sanitizer dispenser is good for 2100 uses,  suitable for high-use areas and easy to refill. 

Versatile Digital Signage

Communicating with your customers is more important than ever. U Can Sanitize can help you

communicate during uncertain times with the standalone kiosk’s large digital signage display. Our LED Touchless Hand Sanitizing Stations can help you communicate the measures you are taking to make your customers feel safe.  Leverage the Full HD 1080p LED screen to present your choice of images, videos, or rotating slides. The digital signage can be connected via Wi-Fi for easy updating and remote control.

  • Health Guidance
  • Customer Greeting
  • Company Announcements
  • Brand Messaging
  • Program & Venue Map
  • Daily Menu
  • Sponsorship Showcase
  • Social Media Feed

Flexible Solutions

Hassle-Free Rental

Standalone kiosks are available for both daily rental and long-term lease, with optional on-site routine servicing and hand sanitizer refill service. The Hand Sanitizer Unit rents for $5.50/day while the Sanitizer Plus Unit rents for $8.00/day, based on a 12 month commitment.  Our sanitizer is either a liquid or gel for the units. The Gel has aloe Vera and Vitamin E in it and also meets CDC requirements.



Custom Options

Custom branding is available to match your business’s look & feel, physically display a sponsor or company logo on the front of the kiosk, or customize the printed messaging above the hand sanitizer dispenser.

Stay safe & we look forward to serving your next event!