An Open Letter to Santa



Hello! I hope you’ve gotten your rest for the days ahead. I have a big list and you’ll need your strength to pull it off for me.   Well a few months ago I ask for a carnival trailer. Now I cannot say for sure but I really think that the GINOURMOUS package wrapped up in the back of the office is it! Like I said I can’t be sure but it’s a pretty good guess.

So since I have already gotten the one and only thing I have wanted, I thought it would be a good idea to get some things for my friends. We all work together and they are more than friends, they are like family to me. If you could put everything right next to my carnival trailer…I mean…my surprise present, everyone will be so excited!

Here is what I need….

• A flat Screen for Jordan.
• A Donovan Mcnabb jersey (pink), please for Lori.
• Two tickets to Nassau, Bahamas for Tane’ Ya so that she can visit her sisters and brothers.
• Peace at Karen’s house…please make her daughters stop fighting.
• Some balance and time off for Kelly to spend with her family and friends.
• Please get Dave and his family back to WARM Atlanta (compared to Michigan, anyplace is warm) safely!
• Some time off with family for Geb.
•  A little respect for the hard work that our VP of Security, Murphy does everyday.

I think that’s it Santa.  Whatever you can do, we here at Amusement Masters will be grateful.  We appreciate you and your hard work Santa – take care!!
Gigi (The hardest working, cutest, most thoughtful, caring Game Girl ever)