Game Girl’s Game of the Week:

For Amusement Masters, a new year means HOT, FUN, NEW Stuff.  2010 is about even more creativity.  This year, we will be unveiling some really cool things to enhance your events.   First up, our new Top Spin Carnival Trailer!! 
Bring your corporate & social events to a new level with our Top Spin Carnival Trailer for wet and wild games of Water Blaster.  This perfect to engage every member of your team,  up to 16 members can play at a time. (Perfect for colleges – they have booked this for their tailgating activities!!)  Now this is team bonding!

So my first pick for 2010’s game of the week is Top Spin Carnival Trailer!  
Top Spin Carnival Trailer
New Year means new creativity and new exciting event options at Amusement Masters.   Amusement Masters can bring the fun and games directly to your event venue with our new custom 16 foot  Carnival Trailer. 
Carnival Trailer is perfect nonstop excitement for all ages!   It’s becoming popular at corporate events, family reunions, birthday parties, even weddings!  Recently we booked this for several colleges to be used during Spring Bling, Freshman Week and Homecoming!!  You can make this a part  of any event you choose.    Games like Water Blaster have all your guests wet and wild with fun.   Up to 16 guests can play at a time.  We even provide the prizes that can be customized for your unique event.
Go Green in 2010! The Carnival Trailer is environmentally friendly,it uses 30 gallons of water that can be recycled.  Carnival Trailer can also be the feature at any Green focused events. 

Amusement Masters will customize your event, provide customized prizes, and coordinate a seamless event with our professional team.   Visit to book Carnival Trailer for your next event! 



Other additions for your event include:


Carnival Booths

Ring Toss

Ring Toss