Game Girl’s Game of the Week: Stretched Canvas Photos

Are you looking for a cost effective, creative way to jazz up your event photos?  Tired of looking at your collection of event photos in cardboard frames on your desk?  Thinking out of the box lately?  If so you must come on down to Amusement Masters for your complimentary custom canvas art of YOU!  We’ll take your picture, print it on canvas and stretch it across a cute wooden frame like priceless artwork, all while you wait and check out some of our other cool games!  The cool thing is we can even add logos to the picture.  You and your clients deserve this masterpiece!!

So because I know you will love this AND come visit me and get your cool sample, Canvas Art is my pick for Game of the Week, come check it out!

Photos..Photos..P h o t o s..
Always a GREAT idea with any event; but you want to Spice it up…Make it New…Make it Fresh!
Stretched Canvas Photos email - canvas photo
Using the latest in photo technology, Stretched Canvas Photos turns your otherwise “nice event picture” into a classic keepsake.   Hang it on your wall or sit it on your desk……Stretched Canvas Photos give you the same versatility of your standard  picture in a picture frame but SO  MUCH  MORE!
A Guaranteed Hit at your next event.